Mitchadamus’ 2021 Predictions

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Happy New Year to everyone except Mitch McConnell.

Hopefully Georgia can get rid of this man’s constant appearances in my comics. It takes forever to color this decaying monster. I have more hope for Warnock’s chances than Ossoff’s, but here’s hoping Warnock’s coattails are big enough.

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Keeping Currency Current

Keeping Currency CurrentThere is a long overdue movement to get women featured on our paper currency. For too long they’ve been relegated to our country’s lame attempts at dollar coins that are too similar to quarters (Thanks, Big Vending Machine!).

I can go on and on about currency policy, so I’ll just point out that Canada began phasing out their even more worthless penny years ago, and to the best of my knowledge, Canada’s economy has yet to be reduced to a system where maple sugar candy and hockey pucks are exchanged for goods and services.

Another thing I learned while drawing this cartoon is that Adobe thinks everyone who wants to open a picture of money is a potential counterfeiter, and not a cartoonist who lacks access to a physical $20 bill for visual reference.

I learned about Photoshop’s counterfeit protection while drawing Sunday’s Strip.

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