Disenfranchisement Stickers

Shelby v. Holder gave Republicans the green light to go hog wild on voter suppression. If their efforts can be overcome by huge turnout next week, one of the first things that should be done in the new Congress is to restore The Voting Rights Act to full force.

Preclearance was the only thing keeping these anti-democracy goons at bay.

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The Voting Rights Noid

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Kris Kobach has a voter suppression fetish. I’d say it’s the only way Republicans can win elections, but the inept Democrats seem to be actively helping, too.

If you’re too young to remember Domino’s Noid commercials, it has a fascinating and tragic history.

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Donald Trump’s Same Old Party

Same Old PartyTrump became the presumptive Republican nominee after last week’s primary. Much has been made about his differences with the GOP establishment, but those differences are mostly cosmetic, particularly of the bottled tan variety.

I’m no campaign strategist, but it would probably be a good idea to take every opportunity to link Trump with the also hugely unpopular Republican brand rather than treat the two as separate entities. He is their standard-bearer after all.

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North Carolina’s Backward Bills

Backward BillsNorth Carolina’s legislature and its Governor Pat McCrory rushed an anti-LGBT, particularly anti-trans, “bathroom bill” in order to protect citizens from the non-existent problem of bathroom fraud. The bill essentially prevents local municipalities from doing decent things like preventing discrimination and raising the minimum wage.

Mississippi soon followed with their own version of a “religious liberty” bill, similar to the kind Indiana was mocked for passing last year. These bills are probably an effort to turn out the base in November, much like 2004’s slate of anti-same-sex marriage ballot measures. It could work in the short term, but for some reason these states have lengthy records of ending up on the wrong side of history.

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2016 Election Survival Kit

2016 Election Survival KitIt’s almost time for actual primary votes to be cast in the presidential campaign that began even before the last one ended in 2012. This is the fourth election I’ve endured since making the questionable decision to become an editorial cartoonist. These campaigns suck more and more oxygen from other important things, from down-ticket races to countless other issues that directly affect people’s lives. I’ll try to not be part of the problem in 2016.

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