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Mike Pence’s Dramatic Exits

Mike Pence did a little performance art at a football game on Sunday. Then a bunch of other news happened.

I’m still trying to do a comic about Puerto Rico, but jokes are my wheelhouse and there’s nothing funny about the ongoing disaster in our colony.

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7 Steps Toward Police Reform

7 Steps Toward Police ReformLast week, the murders of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile gripped the nation and began another round of protests against police brutality. Then the brutal attack on Dallas police officers happened and everyone flipped out. I’m going to go out on a limb and say every murder is bad and deserves outrage. The tragedy of systemic, institutionalized, and rarely-prosecuted murders is that the sheer frequency of them makes us numb, and don’t make headlines unless a gruesome video goes viral on social media.

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The Social Justice Militia

The Social Justice MilitiaThe Bundy clan are back in the news for making a big show against the tyranny of below-market federal grazing fees. If anybody else took up arms and pulled a similar stunt to advocate for something that actually mattered, they’d be dead before the first press conference. Of course, unarmed peaceful protests get busted with excessive, if not deadly, force all the time, but that would make a pretty depressing comic strip.

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A Tale of Two Baltimores

A Tale of Two BaltimoresFollowing the murder of Freddie Gray, Baltimore erupted into protests and the national media came running. Burning police cars and riot squads storming the streets are much better for ratings than lengthy explanations of the physical and economic violence that has been inflicted on its citizens for decades.

I’m not going to pretend to have a deep understanding of Baltimore’s problems. I was a white kid at Johns Hopkins, living relatively close to the tony neighborhoods surrounding its Homewood campus, but my years there gave me more empathy for its residents than the Baltimore City Police seem to have for them.

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