There’s been a lot of turnover at Fox News, and that’s just from the sexual harassment. But with indictments from Robert Mueller starting to come down, they’re even more desperate to distract your grandparents with new nonsense. Read the comic at Patreon. Read the comic at DailyKos. Read the comic […]

Fox News’ New Lineup

Happy Halloween! In honor of this spooky day, I revived Big Fat Whale for you dear $5+  Patreon patrons. (Just for today though, I’m not doing this every month.) The last time I drew a Big Fat Whale strip was five years ago. It was at that time that the […]

Horrifying Halloween Leftovers

It’s easier for Republicans to rehabilitate their image than it was for Dubya to lead us into the Iraq War. We are a nation of easy marks, especially the centrist Democrats. Read the comic on Patreon. Read the comic on DailyKos. Read the comic on GoComics.

Republican Rehab

The Amazon Bidding Game
Mayors and governors are debasing themselves and their constituents for the chance to woo Amazon’s second headquarters. Here in Boston, we already did this with GE, a failed Olympic bid, and an indy car race that no one but our Mayor wanted. Thankfully our local sports teams have fully privately […]

The Amazon Bidding Game

Funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program expired last month and hasn’t been renewed. And that’s scarier than Mitch McConnell’s neck wattle. Read the comic on Patreon. Read the comic on GoComics. Read the comic on Daily Kos.

Trick-Or-Treater Defeaters

Mike Pence did a little performance art at a football game on Sunday. Then a bunch of other news happened. I’m still trying to do a comic about Puerto Rico, but jokes are my wheelhouse and there’s nothing funny about the ongoing disaster in our colony. Read the comic at […]

Mike Pence’s Dramatic Exits

Another horrific mass shooting and another comic that will do nothing to stop the next one. If that’s not bleak enough for ya, I didn’t even mention all the murders, suicides, and accidents that don’t get national attention every day. Read the comic on Patreon. Read the comic at GoComics. […]

Wayne LaPierre is The Silencer

Here’s this month’s exclusive comic for $5+ Patreon subscribers. I’m working on a more substantial weekly cartoon about the unfolding crisis in Puerto Rico, but you have to subscribe if you want to see this one. See this comic only at Patreon.

Trump (Finally) Visits Puerto Rico