Bannon’s out of the White House, but I couldn’t escape his horrifying visage following his “60 Minutes” interview. Sorry I’m subjecting you to even more of it. Read the comic at Patreon. Read the comic at The Nib. Read the comic at GoComics. Read the comic at DailyKos.

Steve Bannon’s Bucket List

These guys found a way to suck in between two massive hurricanes. If you hate immigrants instead of billionaires, you are a bad person. Read the comic on Patreon.¬†Supporters who give just $1 a month get early access to my weekly cartoon, and higher pledges get more goodies. Read the […]

Agents of ICE

I just turned 38, so August’s exclusive comic for $5+ Patreon supporters is autobiographical. I don’t do a lot of those, ’cause sharing stuff with strangers is weird. Read the comic exclusively on Patreon.

Portraits of the Artist as an Aging Man

I don’t have anything pithy or funny to write about the aftermath of Harvey. But I’ll politicize the shit out of it. Rich assholes like Trump and Osteen will never suffer the consequences of climate change, and that’s because of the political choices that are made. Read the comic on […]

POTUS’ Disaster Survival Pack

Support my comics on Patreon if you can. Philip Rucker sure is a credulous dope. He previously appeared in my comic after going ga-ga over Trump’s joint address speech. He promoted himself to appearing in every panel after spouting this nonsense this week. Tonight is a new President Trump: Acknowledging […]

Presidential Pivots

When I said I was adjusting my production schedule, I didn’t intend for the comic to be this late. I wrote and started drawing a whole other comic about Trump’s North Korea bluster, but the events in Charlottesville rendered that tone deaf so I started from scratch. I could’ve easily […]

Meet the Republican “Resistance”

Here’s my latest comic for The Nib. Mike Pence has been fundraising and doing other campaigny things long before President Nazi started sympathizing with his fellow Nazis all the time. Read this comic exclusively at The Nib.

Mike Pence’s Path to the Presidency

The Nib’s been publishing excellent comics for years, and now they’ve expanded into an animated series. I wrote and contributed to several segments in various episodes, and this week’s episode features a segment that I wrote and drew. Watch ’em all and share so they get a second season! And […]

The Nib’s Animated Series