Speaking of excuses, I’m late on everything this week because I’m sick with a bad cold. At least it’s not round 2 of the flu, which I was unlucky enough to catch in December. Getting sick as a freelancer is the worst. There are still deadlines to meet unless you […]

Semi-Automatic Excuses

I haven’t watched any of the Winter Olympics yet. The NHL preventing their players from participating in the hockey tournament ruined the only event I’m interested in. But I’ll take any obscure winter sport over the stunts this administration is pulling. Read the comic on Patreon. Read the comic on […]

The White House Winter Games

For whatever reason, summing up a week’s worth of news in Valentine’s card format is very easy for me. Maybe because I don’t have to draw any backgrounds or figure out compositions with speech balloons. Read the comic on Patreon. Read the comic on GoComics. Read the comic on Daily […]

Valentines for Our Awful Times

Call me a cynic, but I don’t think these three billionaires have their employees’ best interests at heart when they claimed to be working to reduce healthcare costs. Especially when one of them runs heat-exhaustion warehouses, another profits off predatory mobile home loans, and another ruined the economy and got […]

Rich Boys’ Health Clinic

Despite Chuck Schumer’s ineptitude, last weekend’s shutdown was mostly the fault of Stephen Miller and John Kelly, two racists who still have the racist President’s ear. The myth of Steve Bannon’s brilliance should be easily debunked by the fact that Miller’s still around the White House, and he isn’t. Read […]

Stephen Miller’s Racist Routine

ICE has always been terrible, but now they’re especially emboldened to increase their awfulness to levels that would seem over-the-top for a bad ’80s movie villain. Read the comic on Patreon. Read the comic on Daily Kos. Read the comic on GoComics.

Inside ICE Labs

I’m not lame enough to actually read the new book about Trump. But one of the bits I learned through media osmosis is his lazy-ass “Executive Time.” President Businessman is the always late coworker we all hate. Read this comic only at The Nib.

Time Management

The Consumer Electronics Show is another opportunity for me to avoid more depressing current events. I guess I’m skeptical of the current Silicon Valley bubble, or maybe I’m just an old luddite now. Read the comic on Patreon. Read the comic on GoComics. Read the comic on DailyKos.

Highlights from CES