Read the full headline comic at The Nib. If you’re not reading The Nib or subscribing to their newsletter, you’re missing out on headline comics like these, among other longform comics. Here’s the article this headline is pulled from. The offending cartoon isn’t included in the piece, but it’s described […]

The Cartoon Commandments

Immigration and Customs Enforcement has been at the center of some pretty awful news this week. A woman in Texas who was seeking a protective order against her abusive partner was arrested at the courthouse  after said abusive partner tipped ICE off to her immigrations status. In Virginia, ICE agents […]

Hide and Seek with ICE

Since my run at the NYTimes came to end, I’ve launched a Patreon. Supporters can see the comic now. Readers who aren’t that into me can still see it when it appears across the web later next week! Kellyanne Conway and Sean Spicer are inventing Islamic terror attacks in order […]

Tall Tales of Terror

Those of you who remember my alt-weekly days will recall that I did fake valentines every year in Big Fat Whale. Now they’re back, and even bleaker for these terrible times. Read the comic at The Nib.

Valentines Cards for the Trump Era

Despite his cluelessness about Frederick Douglass, the White House’s current orange occupant has his own rich history with African-Americans. It’s all bad. Housing discrimination, racist ad campaigns, and his KKK-adjacent father are just the tip of a very racist iceberg. The bloated underbelly of that iceberg belongs to Steve Bannon. […]

Orange is the New Black History Month

Is our Democrats learning? Resisting and obstructing every evil thing Trump does is what the base wants. Ignoring the base in favor of technocrats and corporate donors hasn’t worked out so well electorally, so maybe they’ll smarten up. Read the comic at GoComics.

Chuck Schumer’s Tips for Resistance

The Affordable Care Act (Which is the same as Obamacare, despite the fact that the two names get very different levels of support.) is going to be repealed. Its replacement is going to be our old way of letting more people die of preventable disease. While an improvement over that, […]

Dr. Ryan’s ACA Replacement

The failing inner-city of Trump’s New York is filled with dangerous gangs. While Trump’s is by far the worst, the squishy centrist Democrats are doing their best to hand Trump a second term. Read the comic at The Nib.

Greater New York’s Newest Warriors