The Tax Scam is about to get rammed through the Senate, putting our current state of income inequality into overdrive and likely ensuring that the next recession will be even more brutal than the last one. Merry Christmas! Read the comic on Patreon. Read the comic on GoComics. Read the […]

Supply-Side Santa Claus

Lotsa news this week, and shrinking Bears Ears may not be the most immediate threat, but the privatizing of public goods will soon be coming for Social Security and Medicare now that Paul Ryan’s malicious tax bill went through. Read the comic on Patreon. Read the comic on DailyKos. Read […]

Future Republican National Monuments

The paper that paid me to draw cartoons for five years is making some even worse decisions lately. A dude who shot the paper gets paid to contribute columns now, so I’m not too worried about this burning any bridges that I might have left over there. Read this and […]

All the Puff Pieces That Are Fit to Print

Here’s this month’s exclusive comic for $5+ patrons! Four decorations you don’t want to get anywhere near this holiday season. Subscribe now to receive a personally doodled holiday card before the holiday. Don’t worry if you wait till December. I’ll send out another batch when those funds process. Read this […]

Deplorable Decorations

The Mnuchins are almost as tacky with their wealth as the Trumps, and that’s quite a feat. The tax bill that Republicans are flogging is the latest attack in the one-sided class war that’s been going on my entire life. It’s long past time for the 99% to start fighting […]

Lifestyles of the Rich and Mnuchin

The indifference to creeps, harassers, assaulters, and rapists (obviously, varying degrees of severity, but all creepy) seems to be finally fading and all sorts high-profile men are being shunned. This is good! Hopefully accusations against men who aren’t well known are also taken seriously. Only then can the institutional rot […]

Thanksgiving Parade of Perverts

It’s the holiday season, which for freelancers like myself means a nightmare of working ahead to get some time to spend with family. Enjoy your turkey! Read the comic on Patreon. Read the comic on DailyKos. Read the comic on GoComics.

Thanksgiving Recipes

There was another mass shooting and we’re already onto the next thing. This country is unwell. When Paul Ryan sends his thoughts and prayers, he’s not sending his best. Read the comic on Patreon. On DailyKos. On The Nib. On GoComics.

Paul Ryan’s Thoughts and Prayers