Lots of early deadlines because of the holiday, so I was working ahead. A paltry $600 stimulus check seemed to be all that was in the cards for weeks, until President Dipshit tweeted last night, seemingly bringing $2000 back on the table. (Broken clock, etc.) I reworked it a bit […]

Lifestyles of a Stimulusaire

I started doing another installment of the old Big Fat Whale Book Bins to get ahead of the holidays, and came up with some gags that weren’t really books. So now it’s updated for our grim dystopian future. Read the comic on Patreon.Read the comic on GoComics.Read the comic on […]

Dregs of the Mutual Aid Bin

Conspiracy theories were less destructive before Weekly World News left checkout shelves. I loved reading that thing as a kid and I knew it was fake. They recently came back thanks to crowdfunding, and I hope they succeed and eventually have me in their pages. It would be my greatest […]

Incredible Global News

Stay safe by staying home, wearing a mask, and helping Georgia flip the Senate. Read the comic on Patreon.Read the comic on Daily Kos.Read the comic on GoComics.

America’s Worst Responder

Two more months with this guy’s fingers on the nuclear codes. Even without the pandemic, it’s best to stay home. Read the comic on Patreon.Read the comic on Daily Kos.Read the comic on GoComics.

‘Tis the Season to Be Lame Ducky

I’ve been doing joke Thanksgiving recipes off and on for 19 years. This is the bleakest group yet. I live within 25 miles of my immediate family, and might see them masked and distanced in a yard as we exchange food we made in Tupperware. And I’m one of the […]

A Cornucopia of COVID-19 Recipes

My wife and I were sitting on our back porch when the election was called. Lots of hootin’, hollerin’, and horn blowin’ ensued in the neighborhood. Saturday’s celebrations were a collective relief of getting rid of Trump, and also every craven barnacle that attached themselves to him. Starting with Pence […]

Mike Pence’s Lame Duck Vacation Itinerary

Slow news week, huh? Once Trump started contesting the counting of votes, it was guaranteed Sesame Street’s Count von Count would become the meme of the week. Anything I wrote could’ve been rendered moot by the actual tallies, but I had to start drawing at some point. And as of […]

Trump’s War on Counting