James Comey’s firing is very shady and will probably result in many hearings, and maybe even legal action if the Democrats can get their shit together and win some elections. But let’s not forget that Comey’s FBI sucks shit, too. Here’s a comic I did when he tried to strong-arm […]

James Comey’s Future Career Plans

Become a Patreon supporter to see this comic now and get other exclusive content. If you don’t live in Boston or follow sports, you might not be aware that Orioles’ player Adam Jones was pelted with peanuts and racist slurs at Fenway Park Monday night. I happened to be at that […]

Bad Bleacher Behavior

Unlike climate change, trickle-down economics is not backed up by the facts, which is probably why Trump and all Republicans embrace it. Read this comic on Patreon. Read this comic on AlterNet. Read this comic on GoComics. Read this comic on DailyKos.

Steve Mnuchin Sings Supply-Side’s Greatest Hits

This is an exclusive cartoon just for $5+ patrons. Become a supporter here. New Orleans is taking down several monuments to the Confederacy and Jim Crow. But Jefferson Beauregard Sessions is still our Attorney General. This cartoon is just some wish fulfillment until it’s hopefully realized in 2020, if Sessions doesn’t […]

Removing Another Confederate Monument

Patreon subscribers can see this and every cartoon days before the public. Their support helps keep things running around here. The first 100 days milestone is largely arbitrary, but Trump made a big deal about it during the campaign. Now he’s downplaying since it’s been such a disaster. 100 days […]

Celebrate President Trump’s First 100 Days

Bill O’Reilly’s out at Fox News, because like Roger Ailes, he is bad at masturbating. Besides a brief cameo in a recent cartoon, the last one I did that was devoted to him was when he lied about being a war correspondent in Grenada. Read this comic at The Nib.

Bill O’Reilly’s Vacation Plans

We heard all about United Airlines roughing up a passenger who refused to “volunteer” the seat he paid for, but the goons who did it were security and Chicago Police. The line between privatized security and police forces is becoming increasingly thin, and corporations are now putting arbitration clauses in […]

The Customer Compliance Cops

Trump aide Sebastian Gorka is a fuckin’ nut.  A Nazi-affiliated nut , to be precise. If you crave more Gorka content, Gorkent, don’t miss James Adomian’s Gorka impression on Chapo Trap House. Read the comic at The Nib.

Sebastian Gorka’s Got the Big Ideas