“Happy New Year” is too quaint for 2017. “I hope you and your loved ones survive the new year and beyond.” seems more appropriate. Read the comic at The New York Times.

New Year’s Resolutions

Buckle up for a terrible 2017, 2018, and every year after that by pouring yourself a stiff drink. Repeat daily until the world ends. Read the comic at GoComics.

Farewell to 2016 Cocktails

Christmas is right around the corner, and we’re about to get an orange lump of coal in our stockings. Whether you celebrate or not, I hope the next week or two provides a brief respite from the real world. Read the comic at The New York Times.

The Holidays’ Hottest Gifts

Every pick Trump (or Pence, most likely) has made for his cabinet is the person most likely to eliminate the department they’re going to be running. Grover Norquist’s vision of drowning the government in the bathtub is about to come true, and even the water in the tub is likely to […]

Trump’s Newest Cabinet Picks

With a unified government, the Republicans can kill the last vestiges of the New Deal that survived Reaganomics and austerity. All of these programs are essential and help millions, but they are far from perfect. A smart opposition party would fight to expand and improve them. Read the comic at The New […]

Republicans’ Safety Net Cuts

There’s been a lot of hand-wringing about fake news on Facebook and how it misinformed voters. Facebook should not be a primary source for news consumption. It’s for ignoring event invitations and hiding posts from people who brag about their vacations. Read the comic at The New York Times.

Real News Goes Viral

The names being floated by the Trump transition are like horrible human Whack-A-Mole. I still can’t believe that I’ll be staring at these faces and drawing their atrocities for the next four years. Or until free speech is canceled, whichever comes first. Read the comic at The New York Times.

Transition Trial Balloons