The FBI is meddling in the election, which isn’t new or surprising. It’s almost quaint when compared to their surveillance and harassment of other political organizations. Read the comic at The New York Times.

James Comey’s Case Files

One week until Election Day, and you might be surprised to learn there are other races besides the presidential one going on. Even though the House is safely gerrymandered, the Senate majority is on the line. So make sure to vote for the other stuff on your ballot once you’re […]

Down and Out in the Senate Races

Former Red Sox ace, and current social media doofus Curt Schilling has a radio show on Breitbart. If it’s anything like his other business ventures, it’ll be bankrupt within a year. Read the comic at The Nib.

Curt Schilling: Live on Breitbart

The interminable election is finally reaching its end … if Trump deigns to accept the results. Read the comic at The New York Times.

Donald Trump’s Rigged World

There was another round of Republicans unendorsing their party’s nominee, and there will probably be another by the time you’re reading this. Despite all the vocal denouncements, they’re still going to vote for him. Dracula has more integrity. Read the comic at The New York Times.

Monster Unendorsements

I drew and submitted this just before the audio of Trump’s assault comments came out, so I offer my apologies for the soft language in this cartoon. As the election crawls into its final weeks, human toad and hot ham enthusiast Scott Walker is busy disenfranchising as many of Wisconsin’s voters […]

The Candidates Get Out the Vote

A prison labor strike has been going on since September 9, the anniversary of the Attica prison uprising. This comic by Sofie Louise Dam and this Mother Jones article explain their reasons and demands. The 13th Amendment’s slavery loophole gets covered in Ava DuVernay’s latest documentary “The 13th,” which arrives on Netflix […]

The Prison Strike On-Screen

The debate’s in just a couple of hours, and the candidate’s are getting some last-minute coaching tips from 2012’s debate veterans. Read the comic at The Nib. I’ll be watching and livetweeting my snark and despair during the debate. Follow me if that’s something you’d want to see.

Debate Punch Up

Trump would clean out the “take a penny, leave a penny” tray before donating his actual money to charity. His charitable shenanigans have been well documented in a series of stories by David Farenthold. There’s also the grifting of campaign funds to pay companies owned by himself and his family. […]

Donald Trump’s Tremendous Charities

You are about to enter another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound, but of undecided minds. Nobody reading this is an undecided voter. They are a mystery to me, and the outcome of the election depends on the handful of them in the states that are up for […]

The Undecided Zone

There’s a lot of good television coming this fall, but I’m going to miss it to watch the final weeks of election coverage. There might be a day or two to binge-watch everything I missed before the 2020 coverage begins in earnest, but I’m not counting on it. Read the comic […]

Fall TV Preview

Colin Kaepernick is protesting and drawing attention to the epidemic of unprosecuted police brutality by sitting out (kneeling out since this cartoon was drawn) the national anthem. Everyone outraged about his free speech is talking about patriotism, respecting veterans and arcane flag etiquette instead of systemic racism because it’s easier to change the subject. […]

The Self-Appointed Protest Referee