Rex Tillerson doesn’t like his job , and it’s the only relatable thing about the rich former Exxon executive. He’s already missed events  due to “fatigue” after less than two months on the job. An hour before I finished this, it was announced that he’d attend the NATO meeting after […]

Naptime for Diplomacy

Shaquille O’Neal recently “joked” about Flat Earth Theory, which for some reason is having a renaissance among current and former NBA players. I will mock any dummy who mentions that or chemtrails, but who am I to judge? I believe the Pee Tape is real and influencing every decision Trump […]

Shaq’s Conspiracy Corner

The second version of the White House’s unconstitutional immigration ban was struck down on Thursday. Public comments admitting the discriminatory intent of the executive order made by Rudy Giuliani and Trump adviser Stephen Miller helped strike it down. Good job, guys! Read this and all my comics early for just a buck! […]

Inside the White House Writers’ Room

Paul Ryan finally presented the “replace” part of “Repeal and replace Obamacare,” and it’s pretty much a gift to the wealthy and insurance companies. Good thing I wasn’t shocked. My heart couldn’t afford a doctor’s visit. Support my comics and to see this one on Patreon. Supporters get access to my […]

Health Insurance Handouts

Longtime Trump adviser, and even longer-time Nixon hanger-on Roger Stone went on a Twitter tear last Saturday. The next morning, he responded to folks laughing at him with this tweet: Meltdown ? No just a typical Saturday night kicking liberal ass in the #STONEZONE — Roger Stone (@RogerJStoneJr) March 5, 2017 […]

Tweets from the #STONEZONE

Normal people’s response to Trump’s joint address was disgust and horror. Pundits however, couldn’t stop raving about it. They were immediately mocked, but their jobs are never in jeopardy and they’ll still get paid handsomely to spew bad takes. Featured here in order are: Van Jones, Katy Tur, Philip Rucker, […]

Pundits Appraise the Trump Sideshow

This cartoon is exclusive to patrons who pledge $5 or more or month. Subscribers at that level also get early access to my weekly comics, as well as a signed and personalized holiday card at the end of the year. Sign up here. Tonight’s joint address to Congress isn’t technically a […]

Joint Address Prep with Trump and Bannon

Republicans are having a difficult time at town halls in their home districts. Constituents are rightfully angry at them for going along with whatever President Trump wants to do, and letting them hear what they think. Louie Gohmert not only cancelled his town halls , but cited Gabby Giffords’ shooting […]

Town Hall Exit Plans