If you see this cartoon posted as a ridiculously overpriced Non-Fungible Token, it wasn’t me. I don’t know how to do that. The first relief bill passed and now it’s time to repeal the Trump tax cuts and pass Relief Bill II: All the good shit. Read the comic on […]

New Cryptocurrencies

The first anniversary gift is paper, and hopefully we’ll all be vaccinated by the second. A whole year and over half a million dead because we couldn’t pay people to stay home and businesses to close last March. Senseless. Even with the end potentially in sight, governors are opening up […]

Coronaversary Cards

ICE and the Postal Service are still run by rogue Trumpers. Seems like something a party with a trifecta could undo. And they haven’t even gotten relief out the door. They’re taking the “honeymoon” thing a little too literally. Read the comic on Patreon.Read the comic on Daily Kos.Read the […]

The USPS’s New and Improved Truck

Hoping for a quick recovery to everyone in Texas except these guys! I’ve lived in the Mid-Atlantic and even they don’t have the infrastructure to deal with snow or a prolonged cold snap, so what’s happening in the South is extra-horrifying. Add that to Texas’ electric grid being isolated from […]

The Texas GOP’s Climate Emergency Tips

Larry Summers’ photo should be plastered all around the White House with a big note that says, “Do Not Listen to This Man” and his op-eds should be clipped out of the papers before they reach the President’s desk. A lot of cartoonists have been lured back to drawing Trump […]

Larry Summers’ Austerity Show

Governors want you to go indoor dining on Valentine’s, so book your St. Paddy’s ICU while you’re at it. A fun week to goof on Marjorie Taylor Greene, and eventually expel her, but basing the entire 2022 midterm campaign on “Q-Anon is crazy!” will get much worse results than actually […]

2021 Valentine Cards

There’s plenty of obstruction from Republicans. No need for a Sabotage Caucus to help find “common ground” with the same people who tried to have them murdered three weeks ago. Democrats have ostensibly had the majority in the Senate for a week now, and Republicans are still in charge of […]

The Senate’s Suicide Squad

Until the seditious congressmembers are expelled or hobbled by eliminating the senate filibuster, they’ll continue to stall everything in order to steal power back in 2022 and beyond. I’m 41 and the memories of Obama’s failures in 2009-2010 that led to the Tea Party, which led to Trump, are still […]

White House Exit Interviews