Tucker Carlson has evolved from a smarmy bowtied tadpole into a full-on fascist frog. Read the comic only at The Nib.

Mr. Fascist Manners

Facebook had another bad week. Every week is terrible on that godforsaken MySpace-that-won’t-die, but I mean from a PR standpoint. They are a bad company and I wish people would go back to using Evite to plan events. Or mail invitations. Stamps are cheap, people! Read the comic on Patreon. […]

Facebook Does Damage Control

Amazon’s HQ2 dog and pony show is over and the winner was never in doubt. Congratulations to Jeff Bezos and his money vault. I focused on the Long Island City part of Amazon’s reveal, and not Northern Virginia’s Crystal City because there’s like I’m a Northeast Coast Elitist, and New […]

Amazon’s Amenities

There’s a real tip line for the incoming Democratic House Oversight Committee, which will soon be able to issue subpoenas and other forms of checks on our fabulously corrupt government. Read the comic on Patreon. Read the comic on Daily Kos. Read the comic on The Nib. Read the comic […]

House Oversight Tip Line

Shelby v. Holder gave Republicans the green light to go hog wild on voter suppression. If their efforts can be overcome by huge turnout next week, one of the first things that should be done in the new Congress is to restore The Voting Rights Act to full force. Preclearance […]

Disenfranchisement Stickers

This is October’s exclusive comic for patrons who pledge $5 or more. Become one before the end of the month to see it and get this year’s exclusive holiday postcard, drawn and signed by me! Happy Halloween! I lost my October watching the Red Sox’ postseason. (They won, btw.) Read […]

Happy Halloween from the Fascist Patch Kids

If you want more Mitch McConnell, Civil Defense and turtle references, you might want to watch this cartoon I wrote and storyboarded for The Nib’s animated series. Be sure to check out the rest of the first two seasons! I wrote and contributed to a bunch of it. All 20 […]

Tips from the Civility Defense Force

There’s still an autumn in New England, but it’s getting very brief. I’m winterizing our apartment today, after we had to use the air conditioners less than three weeks ago. Read the comic only on The Nib.

Fall Wellness Trends