The incompetence and shamelessness the Republicans displayed during this week’s testimony makes a great case for expanding the scope of the inquiry to the cornucopia of other crimes this administration has openly committed. Read the comic on Patreon.

Donald Trump’s B-Team

The Southern Poverty Law Center put out a comprehensive report on Stephen Miller’s extremist record. Anyone who’s surprised by its content had to have been in a coma for the past four years. I looked up Miller’s birthday for the ID, and can you believe this bald shithead is 6 […]

Stephen Miller’s Not-So-Subtle Racism

I like a lot of dumb pop culture. We unwind (My wife from her real job, me from, uh, this.) at our house by watching 90 Day Fiance and Below Deck. I’m not going to cry if a great director points out that they’re not prestige television. Read the comic […]

Martin Scorsese Roasts Your Fandom

Roger Stone’s weird obsession with Nixonalia gave me practice drawing Nixon over the last few years. But I still hear Nixon’s voice as the one from Futurama. AROOO! Read the comic on Patreon.Read the comic on GoComics.Read the comic on Daily Kos.

Donald Trump Assembles His Defense Team

This failson makes Trey Gowdy look like a dignified statesman. If you’re old enough to remember the Brooks Brothers Riot, you know we’re in for a very bad time. And somehow Dick Cheney is still alive for this one, too. No silver linings. Read the comic on Patreon.Read the comic […]

Matt Gaetz’s Impeachment Stall Tactics

I did a similar comic for Obama’s desk in my NYT cartoon, way back in probably 2014 or 2015, and that was the only time I prefered the horizontal format that was imposed on me. Even this administration can’t believe how the Democrats are dragging their feet with impeachment, so […]

Presidential Correspon-Dunce

This is the first time I’ve drawn a lot of these ghouls since 2008. Thanks to them not being prosecuted by the Obama administration, which left them free to hobknob with celebrity dum-dums like Ellen. Read the comic on Patreon.Read the comic on The Nib.Read the comic on Daily Kos.Read […]

Ellen Rehabilitates the Bush Administration

The annual “Marijuana Candy” panic has already started on our garbage local news. Having waited in line forever at the Brookline recreational place, I’m not inclined to give that stuff to friends, let alone random kids. Read the comic on Patreon.Read the comic on Daily Kos.Read the comic on GoComics.

Tainted Halloween Treats