I got rid of my car four years ago, and used Zipcar for groceries and supply runs. I’m not sitting in someone else’s germs, so we rely on delivery now. Thankfully there’s a local store that’s sources stuff locally, so its supply chains aren’t as strained as the monopolies. We […]

Trump Slaughters the Food Supply

I took a cue from the White House and both houses of Congress and didn’t do any work about the pandemic this week. The Pentagon officially declassified some UFO videos and they were a welcome distraction from all the bad news. Read the comic on Patreon.Read the comic on The […]

Declassified UFOs Identified!

Even if Governor Brian Kemp doesn’t catch COVID-19 from reopening Georgia, he could succumb to injuries sustained when Trump throws him under the bus after there’s another spike in infections. Read the comic on Patreon.Read the comic on GoComics.Read the comic on Daily Kos.

Reopen the Insanity!

On top of the current crisis and depression, the Post Office has an insane requirement to fund its pensions 75 years into the future. Eliminate that, add postal banking while you’re at it, and it’ll be able to help us all survive the next several months of quarantine. Read the […]

Trump vs. the Postal Service

Not only are we under house arrest, it’s been cold and rainy for most of the quarantine so far. Without being able to escape to our triple decker’s balconies, my wife and I are watching A LOT of T.V. The commercials that are about the pandemic are the worst part. […]

Quarantine TV

I don’t recommend ingesting aquarium cleaner, but the little diving guy with the bubbles coming out of his helmet is better suited to manage this crisis than Republicans. Week three of quarantine saw more stuff shut down, and a bunch of people lose their jobs. A lot of people are […]

Quack COVID-19 Cures

Hope you and your loved ones are all safe. My wife’s been able to work from home, so we’re lucky. We left the house once for a walk around Franklin Park in Boston. Everyone observed good social distancing practices. We’ve also been doing daily video chats with my parents, trying […]

Mitch McConnell’s Antisocial Distancing