Massachusetts, Vote for Ed Markey

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The pandemic has proved that we need leaders who have plans for disasters before they happen, and Senator Markey’s been leading the way on preventing climate disaster before it’s too late, even before co-authoring the Green New Deal. He’s also more progressive than his opponent, much more than the mainstream media is leading voters to believe.

Joe has a famous last name, but even that can’t paper over his work for incarceration-happy DAs, keeping marijuana illegal so cops have a pretext to detain minorities, and “accidentally” voting to give Trump more nukes. A xerox of a mimeograph of a carbon copy of a Kennedy might be enough to get the nostalgia vote, but most of us are worried about the future, not wistful for a dynasty of the past.

Ol’ Dynasty Joe Kennedy III was also a member of a racist fraternity that explicitly claims Robert E. Lee as its “spiritual founder” until denouncing them just before launching this entitled senate bid … if he even denounced them. I was not a member of a billionaire family, yet I somehow managed to avoid joining a Confederate cosplay frat to find housing in college. It’s sketchy as hell, especially considering his work for and endorsements of hard-line district attorneys who seek to increase policing and incarceration of communities of color. If you find it as disqualifying as I do, sign this petition.

Register to vote and apply for an absentee ballot today. Our shitty Secretary of State makes it hard to vote, so you have to apply, even though there’s a fucking pandemic.

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