When I said I was adjusting my production schedule, I didn’t intend for the comic to be this late. I wrote and started drawing a whole other comic about Trump’s North Korea bluster, but the events in Charlottesville rendered that tone deaf so I started from scratch. I could’ve easily […]

Meet the Republican “Resistance”

Here’s my latest comic for The Nib. Mike Pence has been fundraising and doing other campaigny things long before President Nazi started sympathizing with his fellow Nazis all the time. Read this comic exclusively at The Nib.

Mike Pence’s Path to the Presidency

The Nib’s been publishing excellent comics for years, and now they’ve expanded into an animated series. I wrote and contributed to several segments in various episodes, and this week’s episode features a segment that I wrote and drew. Watch ’em all and share so they get a second season! And […]

The Nib’s Animated Series   Recently updated !

Supporters on Patreon can see my comics as soon as I finish them, plus some other perks. Stephen Miller is only 31, but that’s like 58 in eugenics-years. Hopefully this ghoul won’t become White House communications director because that large forehead messes up the layout of my comics. Read the […]

Statues of Bigotry

Become a patron for $1 a month and see this and every cartoon early. More staff shakeups at the White House to boost sagging ratings. As usual with this administration, more news happened right after I finished the lines on this, as Reince Priebus was booted from the Chief of […]

Press Secretary Pageant

This comic is exclusively for patrons who give $5 or month. Democrats are saying some slightly better things with their Better Deal rollout, but it’s weaksauce. Donors and corporate interests still rule the party, and their addiction to wonky solutions that try to please everyone but do nothing continues. Read […]

Chuck Schumer’s Better Slogans

I wrote this way back when Juicero first made the news for being an insanely expensive, DRM’d, yet easily hackable (squeezable) proprietary juice machine. The stupidity of Silicon Valley economics is an evergreen topic, so I saved this script for when I needed to do something in advance for vacation. […]

Silicon Valley CaveBro

Don Jr. isn’t very smart. The Russia stuff is important, but focusing on it exclusively lets non-involved Republicans like McConnell and Ryan off the hook for all the awful shit they’re doing during this circus. Read the comic on Patreon. Read the comic on GoComics. Read the comic on DailyKos.

Don Jr.’s Scheduled Scandals