A year of news happened since last week’s comic. I haven’t watched a minute of the Republican National Convention. Trump’s speaking as I type this. No thank you. Recaps and screenshots from folks who subjected themselves to it was enough for me. Vance was announced as Trump’s VP pick on […]

Make Your Own J.D. Vance Comic   Recently updated !

I’ve been regularly drawing this asshole for almost a decade now. Every panel was torture to work on, as they were grim reminders of what I’ll be drawing for another decade if Democrats manage to flub another election against this easily-beatable bozo. I honestly don’t know if the odds would […]

Trump’s Project 2025

It was a long weekend after a month’s worth of news happened on Monday and Tuesday. I went to the beach to look at some cool shells and eat seafood, but I shall return, barely refreshed to draw comics about whatever new horrors await us on the other side of […]

Summer Beach Reads

The Supreme Court has a few more awful decisions to hand out before the holiday, but the one’s they’ve issued so far have ranged from awful to slightly less awful. You know the year’s going great when I’ve drawn Leonard Leo and the Federalist Society more than anybody in Congress. […]

Have A Federalist Society Fourth!

General election nonsense is beginning, and there’s allegedly a debate happening next week. Regular folks are doing summery things like vacations and sweating their butts off while drawing this comic in third floor apartments in Boston, Massachusetts. The media however, needs a horserace and “Veepstakes” gives them something to talk […]

Trump’s V.P. Shortlist

We’re about to have a heat wave here in the Northeast, which will be minor compared to the heat waves happening elsewhere around the globe so far this summer. Ocean temps are already shattering records held since … last year, and hurricane season is only officially two weeks old. Locally, […]

2024’s Climate Records

Private equity, vulture capital, enshittification, whatever you want to call it, has been hollowing out vast swathes of the country, from brands like Red Lobster and Boeing, to entire hospital groups. Leveraged buyouts are somehow a legal version of what the mob does in pretty much every Scorsese movie about […]

Private Equity Acquires Your Family

Apparently this year’s Memorial Day weekend movies were busts compared to last year’s. I’ll definitely check out Furiosa and the latest Apes as soon as they reach my living room cinema, which will probably be before this summer’s even close to being over. The studios are trying to blame the […]

Summer Movie Duds