General election nonsense is beginning, and there’s allegedly a debate happening next week. Regular folks are doing summery things like vacations and sweating their butts off while drawing this comic in third floor apartments in Boston, Massachusetts. The media however, needs a horserace and “Veepstakes” gives them something to talk […]

Trump’s V.P. Shortlist   Recently updated !

We’re about to have a heat wave here in the Northeast, which will be minor compared to the heat waves happening elsewhere around the globe so far this summer. Ocean temps are already shattering records held since … last year, and hurricane season is only officially two weeks old. Locally, […]

2024’s Climate Records   Recently updated !

Private equity, vulture capital, enshittification, whatever you want to call it, has been hollowing out vast swathes of the country, from brands like Red Lobster and Boeing, to entire hospital groups. Leveraged buyouts are somehow a legal version of what the mob does in pretty much every Scorsese movie about […]

Private Equity Acquires Your Family

Apparently this year’s Memorial Day weekend movies were busts compared to last year’s. I’ll definitely check out Furiosa and the latest Apes as soon as they reach my living room cinema, which will probably be before this summer’s even close to being over. The studios are trying to blame the […]

Summer Movie Duds

Apologies for two SCOTUS cartoons this month, but these six goons effectively run the country, with the two other branches of government wielding about as much power as an elementary school’s model U.N. The court’s begun issuing this year’s decrees, with today’s stripping what little was left on the Voting Rights […]

Samuel Alito’s Freak Flags

RFK Jr. getting a brain worm from undercooked pork (or the fecal matter of someone else who ate undercooked pork [YUM!]) coincides with people desperate to get raw milk in their guts, even with H5N1 floating around in it. That seemed like a jumping off point for some silly stuff in […]

Stupid Food Revue

I have an exclusive comic in last month’s In These Times magazine, and it’s now online here, along with colleagues you probably know from The Nib. I just finished another for the upcoming issue. I’ll post a link here as soon as it’s online. This is obviously about the Federalist […]

The Founding Fetus Society

It was reported this week that in a deposition, RFK Jr. claimed a brain parasite (and mercury poisoning) limited his ability to pay alimony. This is the kind of sound medical reasoning you’d expect from one of the most prominent anti-vaxxers who has encouraged the current resurgence of formerly preventable […]

Kennedy/Brain Worm