This is an exclusive comic for $5+ patrons! It’s still technically summer, but I’m back to working in full-on fall mode. Another exclusive is coming their way before the month’s out. Join today! If you’ve been in a hole all day, you might’ve missed a blurb from Stormy Daniels’ forthcoming […]

Stormy Daniels Describes a Dick

There are still hundreds of kids separated from their families and held in ICE detention. And there are thousands more detained with their families. Which is better in the same way a quick death is better than a slow, grueling one. Read the comic only on The Nib.

Back-to-School Supplies for ICE Detainees

Hurricane Florence is just beginning to make landfall, and gas lines 30 miles north of me are exploding entire neighborhoods, and who knows how bad the news’ll be tomorrow. So I dusted off an evergreen idea I had, and shoehorned in a Brett Kavanaugh punchline. The primaries that dominated the […]

Centrist Mart   Recently updated !

There was another bad op-ed in the bad opinion section. Not exactly news, except this one was apparently written by someone in the White House. Read the comic on Patreon.

Anonymous White House Sources

My friend and neighbor Ture Turnbull is running to represent our 11th Suffolk District in Massachusetts’ House of Representatives. If you live in Jamaica Plain, Roslindale, Roxbury or Dorchester, you might be in our district. Find out with this simple form, then vote for him on September 4th. I’m so […]

Ture Turnbull for MA State Rep.

With all the plea deals and guilty verdicts going around this week, Republican members of Congress are scrambling to ram Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination through. Hopefully time’s running out before the public finds out he’s a scummy GOP hack who thinks Trump and all presidents should be above the law. Read […]

Brett Kavanaugh’s Rap Sheet

Anyone still waiting for evidence that Trump is racist is either lying or has been trapped in a sensory deprivation tank for at least 30 years. Now that everything’s digital, it’s a shame that future racist presidents’ racism will be documented in the cloud, instead of a century of different […]

Trump’s Hate Tape Stash