I know most movie rollouts were planned well in advance of this latest omicron wave, but there’s something incredibly sinister about all the “only in theaters” ads running while hospitals are struggling and begging people to stop spreading this disease everywhere. We rented Mike Mills’ “C’mon C’mon” this week just […]

Threats All Go to the Movies!   Recently updated !

President Biden had his big July 4th “COVID’s Over!” blowout and really can’t be bothered with us plebes not wanting to get sick. That’s why the policy’s been “Let’r RIP!” since the Delta wave interrupted our summer fun. The economy is the only thing he has to crow about, so […]

Re-Re-Updated CDC Guidance   Recently updated !

While obviously not the worst thing about 2021 by far, “Choo-choo” the Herky Jerky Dancer from Mr. Show participating in Trump’s coup attempt really sums up the year that would follow. Seemingly normal Americans hellbent on making the most destructive and selfish choices that made all our lives worse. See […]

Coupversary Gifts

We’re entering another pandemic winter where at least half the country is just ignoring it and going on with their holidays plans despite the lack of adequate testing. We’re in for a fun 2022. Read the comic on Patreon.Read the comic on The Nib.Read the comic on Daily Kos.Read the […]

Incredible Global News 2021

For every workplace disaster, Jeff Bezos is going to shoot a celebrity into space to distract us. And since Congress and Biden have essentially tabled all further legislation until 2023, it’ll probably work! Read the comic on Patreon.Read the comic on The Nib.Read the comic on Daily Kos.Read the comic […]

Amazon’s Basic Safety

After more than two months on strike, Kellogg’s workers rejected a contract offer that would’ve shafted younger employees. So Kellogg’s is pulling a Reagan and replacing everyone instead of negotiating in good faith. So stop eating their garbage, even Cheez-Its. I stuck to cereals for a visual theme, but the […]

Kellogg’s Corp. Flacks

Legislation may be out of Biden’s control, although he’s chosen to not make any offers or demands to Manchin and Sinema to get them on board. But it is absolutely within his power to waive vaccine patents and slow down yet another variant. He can also cancel student debt and […]

Holidays at the White House

I got a Moderna booster with a flu shot chaser on Sunday. The first two Pfizer doses barely affected me at all, but that combo wiped me out on Monday. Nothing too bad, but as someone who’s written and drawn dozens of comics during colds and flus, this was the […]

Booster Shot Thoughts