We just had a lengthy heat wave here in Boston. This year’s droughts are going to make last year’s wildfires look like nothing. New records for carbon in the atmosphere are being set every week. And the infrastructure bill that may or may not happen is having all climate mitigation […]

Secondary Climate Emergencies   Recently updated !

It’s pretty neat that the next election will be stolen because of these two refusing to end the filibuster. (And John Roberts for gutting the Voting Rights Act in the first place.) Democracy was fun for the few decades we had it. Read the comic on Patreon.Read the comic on […]

Joe Manchin’s Imaginary Friends   Recently updated !

Not only should Amazon be broken up, Jeff Bezos’ fortune AND his acutal physical form should be as well. This monster amassed even greater fortunes during the pandemic, while subjecting his employees to grinding in miserable conditions. Eventually he and Elon Musk will monopolize enough of the world, that they’ll […]

Jeff Bezos’ Monopoly Spree

My second Pfizer shot fully ripens in a few hours, and I’ll probably eat at a local restaurant’s outdoor patio to celebrate. Not enough people are vaccinated (Especially children, who aren’t even vaccine eligible yet!), so I’m not going as hog-wild as the CDC, governors, and mayors across the nation […]

Hot Cicada Summer

The only time I faced multiple rounds editorial notes while drawing “The Strip” for the NYTimes was during the siege of Gaza in 2014. If this comic had to go through the same process, I’m pretty sure only the final panel could’ve gotten through unchanged. (panel 1 – Title that’s […]

Both Sides Blindness

Facebook’s oversight board made some news this week for issuing a toothless decree about kicking a certain ex-president off their platform. A shame actual regulations don’t apply to them and they get to make up their own on the fly. (panel 1 – Title above a floating orb with Mark […]

Facebook’s Oversight Orb

I’m still a week away from my second shot, so I’ll be acting like there’s still a pandemic on, ‘cause there is. (panel 1 – Title on a CDC report.)Updated CDC Guidance(panel 2 – On a CDC slide with a person speaking to an intubated patient.)Whining about minor vaccine side-effects […]

Updated CDC Guidance

Infrastructure Week might finally happen so I thought I’d pitch a few pet projects of my own. Read the comic on Patreon.Read the comic on Daily Kos.Read the comic on GoComics.

Infrastructure Tweaks