If you enjoy my work and can afford to, please consider supporting it on Patreon. Jeff Bezos is buying Whole Foods and now Amazon’s one step closer to becoming the kind of monopolistic mega-corporation previously only seen in the Robocop franchise. The days of antitrust laws are long gone, but […]

The Amazon Economy   Recently updated !

Become a patron and see this comic now. Your support keeps me going in this modern media hellscape. I fully acknowledge that I’m part of the opinion-industrial-complex and its role in creating an uninformed public. But that doesn’t mean I have to like it. Read the comic on Patreon. Read […]

Hot Take Wave   Recently updated !

Last week was supposed to be “Infrastructure Week” for the Trump Administration, but Comey and Jeremy Corbyn made sure no one gave a shit. And that’s just what Mitch McConnell wants, so he can rush through the Senate’s Obamacare repeal while people who have fun during the summer aren’t paying […]

The Privatized States of America   Recently updated !

Become a patron and see all my comics early. Your support helps a lot! President Lazyass couldn’t walk a few hundred yards with the other heads of state at the G7 summit and opted to take a golf cart instead. He’s old and not in great shape, and I’d generally […]

A Closer Look at Golf Cart One

This is an exclusive comic for Patreon supporters who pledge $5 or more a month. Subscribe now! Advertisers started bailing on Sean Hannity’s show after he started peddling some baseless conspiracy theories about a DNC staffer who died. Hannity claims he’ll be returning to pollute the airwaves, so it’s not […]

Sean Hannity’s Impromptu Vacation

Become a Patreon subscriber so I can pay my health insurance premium. While the American Health Care Act passed the House, and waits for the Senate to do something with it, the funding that keeps Obamacare running is being pulled to justify its repeal. Despite its clunkiness, the Affordable Care […]

Pick Your Health Care Plan

Support my work at Patreon and get cool stuff. Trump bitched and moaned on Twitter about being the victim of the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American History. It’s a shitty analogy, since witch hunts are baseless, because witches don’t exist.I live close to Salem, Mass., which […]

Washington Witch Hunt

James Comey’s firing is very shady and will probably result in many hearings, and maybe even legal action if the Democrats can get their shit together and win some elections. But let’s not forget that Comey’s FBI sucks shit, too. Here’s a comic I did when he tried to strong-arm […]

James Comey’s Future Career Plans