Results are shaking out from last week’s election, and the Republicans will get a thin majority in the House, thanks mostly to New York Democrats rather than anything appealing offered by the GOP. Of course, if the Coup Caucus was expelled, and thorough impeachment trials were held, things probably never […]

Kevin McCarthy’s Anti-American Agenda   Recently updated !

So all the narratives about the Republican midterm wave the media were hankering for sort of fizzled. Now we have another squeaker where the balance of fascism/not fascism is still up in the air days after the election. Horse race and both sides coverage have been part of political pundits’ […]

Intro to Political “Science”   Recently updated !

Elon’s only been in charge of Twitter for a week, and already speedrunning it into an unusable hate speech mess. I thought it be around long enough for a soft exit, but now I’ve got to cold turkey my way out of a bad habit I’ve had since my late […]

Social Media Substitutes

The midterms are rapidly approaching and the polls between “fascists” and “milquetoast not-fascists” are closer than they should be. The mainstream press loves a horserace, even when the consequences are life and death for millions of people. Gaffes are easier to report (and draw) than all the mechanisms Republicans are […]

Swing Voters Explain Themselves

I know there’s wildfires, heat waves and brutal droughts out west, but up here it’s time to dig out the toques and winter coats. Energy costs are expected to surge (Thanks in part to OPEC, who REALLY want to influence the midterms) and everyone in colder climates who isn’t rich […]

Energy Crisis Tips

Every announcement from Zuckerberg about his pet Metaverse project has been met with much-deserved derision. It seems like he’s been forcing hype around something that looks like a Second Life knockoff for almost then 20 years since Second Life was relevant. The idea of a virtual office at a time […]

Mark Zuckerberg’s DIY Metaverse

The Criterion Channel launched some great Halloween collections this week, the same week the Supreme Court began a new session. So I’ve been enjoying the escapism from real horrors with fictional ones. Until the court’s expanded, or ignoring their unenforceable rulings becomes commonplace, these six freaks are going to do […]

The Monster Fash

Jerome Powell is the Federal Reserve Chair and was originally appointed by Trump. Biden reappointed him to make the same capital-driven decisions no elected politician could be caught making directly. This one (Republican, by the way) unelected dude is basically the figurehead of the “free” market, but with immense power […]

The Fed Can Fix It!